Upgrade your trip to Amsterdam, visit Free Festival!


For those thinking of taking a trip to Amsterdam this summer, why not embark on the ultimate weekend trip away for Free Festival?! Located at Almere Strand, Free Festival is just a stone’s throw away from the iconic city of Amsterdam and this year, we have created travel packages that include accommodation in Amsterdam, as well as a ticket for Free Festival. You can check out our travel packages at freefestival.nl/travel.

To help you out, we have asked a handful of artists about some of their recommendations of things to do whilst vistiting Amsterdam.


Free Ferries: take one of the Free Ferries to the other side of the Amsterdam River (IJ) and get a nice view of the skyline and central station.

Weed: try some of the best weed in Amsterdam for free, by following groups of tourists through the city and passively inhaling their smoke (joke of course ;))


Red Light District: there’s always something great happening in Amsterdam’s Red Light District at all hours of the day.

Nieuwmarkt: it’s fun to just walk around there and grab a drink… Or 20, haha.


Ton Ton Club: I’m a 90’s kid (even though I was born in ’87) and I grew up with arcade culture. I sometimes miss that old feeling, which is why I like to hang out here. You can drink, chill and play!

Moco Museum: if you like contemporary art, then this museum is something for you. Sometimes when I miss inspiration, I like to take a walk in this cool museum and get inspired by the art.



De Negen Straatjes: very cosy and small shopping streets in the centre of Amsterdam. These streets are connected to the iconic canal streets Prinsengracht, Keizergracht and Herengracht.

PC Hooft: there’s a very famous department store called de Bijenkorf which I recommend. For luxury shopping, then PC Hooftstraat is something for you and is also a very famous shopping street.

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